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Technical Report # 69
松本, 眞 基本群へのガロア作用―Deligneの混合Tateモチーフに関する予想のl 進版の解決(R.Hainとの共同研究). (2001);

Technical Report # 67
Giga, Y. and Yamashita, H. 2000年度談話会、特別講演アブストラクト集 北海道大学理学部数学教室. (2001);

Preprint Series # 546
Elliott, C. M and Giga, Y and Goto, S Dynamic boundary conditions for Hamilton-Jacobi equations. (2001);

Preprint Series # 545
Sawada, O On time-local solvability of the Navier-Stokes equations in Besov spaces. (2001);

Preprint Series # 544
Arai, A Non-relativistic limit of a Dirac-Maxwell operator in relativistic quantum electrodynamics. (2001);

Preprint Series # 543
Sugano, K On H-separable extensions of QF-3 rings. (2001);

Preprint Series # 542
Nakazi, T The Nevanlinna counting functions for Rudin's orthogonal functions. (2001);

Preprint Series # 541
Jinzenji, M and Sasaki, T N = 4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory on orbifold-T4/Z2 higher rank case, 17 pages. (2001);

Preprint Series # 540
Ishii, H and Mikami, T Motion of a graph by R-curvature. (2001);

Preprint Series # 539
Jinzenji, M Gauss-Manin system and the virtual structure constants. (2001);

Preprint Series # 538
Giga, Y On the two-dimensional nonstationary vorticity equations. (2001);

Preprint Series # 537
Nakazi, T and Yamamoto, T Norm of a linear combination of two operators of a Hilbert space. (2001);

Preprint Series # 536
Inoue, A What does the partial autocorrelation function look like for large lags. (2001);

Preprint Series # 535
Yamagami, A On Gouva's conjecture in the unobstructed case. (2001);

Preprint Series # 534
Tsai, Y.-H. R and Giga, Y and Osher, S A level set approach for computing discontinuous solutions of a class of Hamilton-Jacobi equations. (2001);

Preprint Series # 533
Escher, Y. Giga and K. Ito, J and Giga, Y and Ito, K On a limiting motion and self-intersections for the intermediate surface diffusion flow. (2001);

Preprint Series # 532
Suwa, T Characteristic classes of singular varieties. (2001);

Preprint Series # 531
Tonegawa, Y Remarks on convergence of the Allen-Cahn equation. (2001);

Preprint Series # 530
Giga, Y and Rybka, P Quasi-static evolution of 3-D crystals grown from supersaturated vapor. (2001);

Preprint Series # 529
Giga, Y and Ishimura, N and Kohsaka, Y Spiral solutions for a weakly anisotropic curvature flow equation. (2001);

Preprint Series # 528
Nakazi, T and Yamamoto, t Two dimensional commutative Banach algebras and von Neumann inequality. (2001);

Preprint Series # 527
Izawa, T and Suwa, T Multiplicity of functions on singular varieties. (2001);

Preprint Series # 526
Anh, V and Inoue, A Dynamic models of asset prices with long memory. (2001);

Preprint Series # 526
Anh, V and Inoue, A Dynamic models of asset prices with long memory. (2001);

Preprint Series # 525
Suwa, T Residues of Chern classes. (2001);

Preprint Series # 524
Yamaguchi, K and Yatsui, T Geometry of higher order differential equations of finite type associated with symmetric spaces. (2001);

Preprint Series # 523
Mikami, T Covariance kernel and the central limit theorem in the total variation distance. (2001);

Preprint Series # 522
Nakazi, T Toeplitz operators and weighted norm inequalities on the bidisc. (2001);

Preprint Series # 521
Nakano, Yumiharu Efficient hedging with coherent risk measure. (2001);

Preprint Series # 520
Inoue, A On the worst conditional expectation. (2001);

Preprint Series # 519
Giga, Y Viscosity solutions with shocks. (2001);

Preprint Series # 518
Jinzenji, M and Sasaki, T N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory on orbifold-T4/Z2. (2001);

Preprint Series # 517
Yoneda, R The composition operators on weighted bloch space. (2001);

Preprint Series # 516
Izumiya, S and Pei, D-H and Sano, T Horospherical surfaces of curves in hyperbolic space. (2001);

Preprint Series # 515
Izumiya, S and Takeuchi, N Generic special curves. (2001);

Preprint Series # 514
Izumiya, S and Pei, D-H and Sano, T Singularities of hyperbolic Gauss maps. (2001);

Preprint Series # 513
Izumiya, S and Maruyama, K Transversal topology and singularities of Haefliger foliations. (2001);

Preprint Series # 512
Izumiya, S Generating families of developable surfaces in R3. (2001);

Preprint Series # 511
Izumiya, S and Takeuchi, N Special curves and raled surfaces. (2001);

三波, 篤郎 H\'enon map とその周辺. Technical Report. 北見工業大学. (Unpublished)

The 26th Sapporo Symposium on Partial Differential Equations

Technical Report # 68
Giga, Yoshikazu and Ozawa, Tohru Proceedings of the 26th Sapporo Symposium on Partial Differential Equations. (2001);


Technical Report # 66
宮島, 静雄 and 竹尾, 富貴子 and 井上, 純治 第9回関数空間セミナー報告集(Seminar on Function Spaces, 2000). (2001);


北海道大学, 数学教室 数学質問箱. In: 高校生のための数学講座.

北海道大学, 数学教室 算数と数学の問題に挑戦. In: 高校生のための数学講座.