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Technical Report # 65
中村, 博昭 ガロア・タイヒミュラー群のLEGO理論. (2000);

Technical Report # 63
Ono, K. and Honda, N. 1999年度談話会、特別講演アブストラクト集 北海道大学数学教室. (2000);

Preprint Series # 510
Giga, Y Shocks and very strong vertical diffusion. (2000);

Preprint Series # 509
Tonegawa, Y Phase field model with a variable chemical potential. (2000);

Preprint Series # 508
Arai, A Supersymmetric methods for constructing soliton-type solutions to multi-component nonlinear Schrdinger and Klein-Gordon equations. (2000);

Preprint Series # 507
Arai, A Instability in the spectral and the Fredholm properties of an infinite dimensional Dirac operator on the abstract Boson-Fermion Fock space. (2000);

Preprint Series # 506
Kobayashi, R and Giga, Y On anisotropy and curvature effects for growing crystals. (2000);

Preprint Series # 505
Nakazi, T Interpolation problem for l1 and a uniform algebra. (2000);

Preprint Series # 504
Inoue, A and Kasahara, Y Partial autocorrelation functions of the fractional ARIMA processes with negative degree of differencing. (2000);

Preprint Series # 503
Giga, Y and Matsui, S and Sawada, O Global existence of two-dimensional Navier-Stokes flow with nondecaying initial velocity. (2000);

Preprint Series # 502
Arai, A Ground state of the massless Nelson model without infrared cutoff in a non-Fock representation. (2000);

Preprint Series # 501
Tsujii, M Fat solenoidal attractors. (2000);

Preprint Series # 500
Tsuda, I and Kuroda, S Cantor coding in the hippocampus. (2000);

Preprint Series # 499
Escher, J and Giga, Y and Ito, K On a limiting motion and self-interactions of curves moved by the intermediate surface diffusion flow. (2000);

Preprint Series # 498
Giga, Y and Paolini, M and Rybka, P On the motion by singular interfacial energy. (2000);

Preprint Series # 497
Giga, Y and Inui, K and Kato, J and Matsui, S Remarks on the uniqueness of bounded solutions of the NavierStokes equations. (2000);

Preprint Series # 496
Nakazi, T Backward shift invariant subspaces in the bidisc. (2000);

Preprint Series # 495
Arisawa, M and Giga, Y Anisotropic curvature flow in a very thin domain. (2000);

Preprint Series # 494
Mikami, T Optimal control for absolutely continuous stochastic processes and the mass transportation problem. (2000);

Preprint Series # 493
Tsuda, I Towards an interpretation of dynamic neural activity in terms of chaotic dynamical systems. (2000);

Preprint Series # 492
Tsuda, I and Hatakeyama, M Making sense of internal logic Theory and a case study. (2000);

Preprint Series # 491
Yamagami, A On Gouvs conjecture on controlling the conductor. (2000);

Preprint Series # 490
Nakazi, T and Yamamoto, T The real part of an outer function and a Helson-Szeg weight. (2000);

Preprint Series # 489
Ohtani, S Construction of unramified Galois extensions over maximal abelian extensions of algebraic number fields. (2000);

Preprint Series # 488
Inoue, A Asymptotic behaviour for partial autocorrelation functions of fractional ARIMA processes. (2000);

Preprint Series # 487
Shibukawa, Y Classification of the R-operator. (2000);

Preprint Series # 486
Nakazi, T Functions in N+ with the positive real parts on the boundary. (2000);

Preprint Series # 485
Arai, A and Kawano, H A class of deformations of the Schrdinger representation of the Heisenberg commutation relation and exact solution to a Heisenberg equation and a Schrdinger equation. (2000);

Preprint Series # 484
Bogaevski, I. A and Ishikawa, G Lagrange mappings of the first open Whitney umbrella. (2000);

Preprint Series # 483
Bingham, N. H and Inoue, A Abelian, Tauberian and Mercerian theorems for arithmetic sums. (2000);

Preprint Series # 482
Bingham, N. H. and Inoue, A Tauberian and Mercerian theorems for systems of kernels. (2000);

Preprint Series # 481
Nakazi, T Two dimensional Q-algebras. (2000);

Preprint Series # 480
Arai, A and Hirokawa, M Stability of ground states in sectors and its application to the Wigner-Weisskopf model. (2000);

Preprint Series # 479
Giga, M.-H and Giga, Y Crystalline and level set flow - Convergence of a crystalline algorithm for a general anisotropic curvature flow in the plane. (2000);

Preprint Series # 478
Giga, M.-H and Giga, Y Generalized motion by nonlocal curvature in the plane. (2000);

The 25th Sapporo Symposium on Partial Differential Equations

Technical Report # 64
Giga, Yoshikazu and Ozawa, Tohru Proceedings of the 25th Sapporo Symposium on Partial Differential Equations. (2000);


Technical Report # 62
宮島, 静雄 and 竹尾, 富貴子 and 井上, 純治 第8回関数空間セミナー報告集(Seminar on Function Spaces,1999). (2000);