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Technical Report # 56
儀我, 美一 界面ダイナミクス --- 曲率の効果 ---. (1998);

Technical Report # 55
Ozawa, T. and Yamada, H.-F. 1997年度談話会、特別講演アブストラクト集 北海道大学理学部数学教室. (1998);

Technical Report # 54
河澄, 響矢 リーマン面に関連する位相幾何学. (1998);

Preprint Series # 440
Arai, A and Hirokawa, M and Hiroshima, F On the absence of eigenvectors of Hamiltonians in a class of massless quantum field models without infrared cutoff. (1998);

Preprint Series # 439
Inoue, A and Kasahara, Y On the asymptotic behavior of the prediction error of a stationary process. (1998);

Preprint Series # 438
Yoneda, R Compact Toeplitz operators on Bergman spaces. (1998);

Preprint Series # 437
Nakazi, T and Osawa, T Finite rank intermediate Hankel operators on the Bergman space. (1998);

Preprint Series # 436
Inoue, A and Kikuchi, H Abel-Tauber theorems for Hankel and Fourier transforms and a problem of Boas. (1998);

Preprint Series # 435
Uemura, T Morita-Mumford classes on finite cyclic subgroups of the mapping class group of closed surfaces. (1998);

Preprint Series # 434
Shimizu, Y L$B!g!>(Bestimate of first-order space derivatives of Stokes flow in a half space. (1998);

Preprint Series # 433
Ito, K Loss of convexity of compact hypersurfaces moved by surface diffusion. (1998);

Preprint Series # 432
Yoshida, T Categorical aspects of generating functions(II) Operations on categories and functors. (1998);

Preprint Series # 431
Ishikawa, G Determinacy, transversality and Lagrange stability. (1998);

Preprint Series # 430
Diejen, J. F. Van and Kirillov, A. N Formulas for q-spherical functions using inverse scattering theory of reflectionless Jacobi operators. (1998);

Preprint Series # 429
Hiroshima, F Uniqueness of the ground state of a model in quantum electrodynamics A functional integral approach. (1998);

Preprint Series # 428
Hiroshima, F Ground states of a model in quantum electrodynamics. (1998);

Preprint Series # 427
Sano, T Bifurcations of affine invariants for one parameter family of generic convex plane curves. (1998);

Preprint Series # 426
Arai, A On the essential spectra of quantum field Hamiltonians. (1998);

Preprint Series # 425
Nakamura, M Strichartz estimates for wave equations in the homogeneous Besov space. (1998);

Preprint Series # 424
Kirillov, A. N and Shimozono, M A generalization of the Kostka-Foulkes polynomials. (1998);

Preprint Series # 423
Tsukada, T Reticular Legendrian Singularities. (1998);

Preprint Series # 422
Kobayashi, R and Warren, J. A and Carter, W. C Modeling grain boundaries using a phase field technique. (1998);

Preprint Series # 421
Pei, D and Sano, T The focal developable and the binormal indicatrix of a nonlightlike curve in Minkowski 3-space. (1998);

Preprint Series # 420
Kobayashi, R and Giga, Y Equations with singular diffusivity. (1998);

Preprint Series # 419
Izumiya, S and Katsumi, H and Yamasaki, T The rectifying developable and the spherical Darboux image of a space curve. (1998);

Preprint Series # 418
Ishikawa, M and Matsui, S Existence of a forward self-similar stagnation flow of the Navier-Stokes equations. (1998);

Preprint Series # 417
Yamaguchi, K G2-Geometry of overdetermined systems of second order. (1998);

Preprint Series # 416
Yoshida, T Categorical aspects of generating functions (I) Exponential formulas and Krull-Schmidt categories. (1998);

Preprint Series # 415
Tsujii, M Piecewise expanding maps on the plane with singular ergodic properties. (1998);

Preprint Series # 414
Suwa, T Dual class of a subvariety. (1998);

Preprint Series # 413
Brasselet, J.-P and Lehmann, D and Seade, J and Suwa, T Milnor classes of local complete intersections. (1998);

Preprint Series # 412
Tsujii, M Absolutely continuous invarient measures for piecewise real-analytic expanding maps on the plane. (1998);

Preprint Series # 411
Izumiya, S and Pei, D and Sano, T The lightcone gauss map and the lightcone developable of a spacelike curve in Minkowski 3-space. (1998);

Preprint Series # 410
Giga, Y and Inui, K and Matsui, S On the Cauchy problem for the Navier-Stokes equations with nondecaying initial data. (1998);

Preprint Series # 409
Giga, Y and Ito, K Loss of convexity of simple closed curves moved by surface diffusion. (1998);

Preprint Series # 408
Nakazi, T and Okubo, K Generalized Numerical Radius And Unitary p-Dilation. (1998);

Preprint Series # 407
Kawazumi, N and Uemura, T Riemann-Hurwitz formula for Morita-Mumford classes and surface symmetries. (1998);

Preprint Series # 406
Hiroshima, F Ground states and spectrum of quantum electrodynamics of non-relativistic particles. (1998);

Preprint Series # 405
Yokoyama, K Global existence of classical solutions to systems of wave equations with critical nonlinearity in three space dimensions. (1998);

Preprint Series # 404
Kohsaka, Y Free boundary problem for quasilinear parabolic equation with fixed angle of contact to a boundary. (1998);

Preprint Series # 403
Nakazi, T and Okubo, K p-contraction and 2$B!_(B2 matrix. (1998);

Preprint Series # 402
Lehmann, D and Suwa, T Generalization of variations and Baum-Bott residues for holomorphic foliations on singular varieties. (1998);

Preprint Series # 401
Nakamura, M and Ozawa, T Global solutions in the critical Sobolev space for the wave equations with nonlinearity of exponential growth. (1998);