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Technical Report # 47
河澄, 響矢 リーマン面に関連する位相幾何学 予稿集. (November 1996);

Technical Report # 45
Ishikawa, G. 1995年度談話会・特別講演 アブストラクト集 Colloquium Lectures 北海道大学理学部数学教室. (June 1996);

Technical Report # 44
Agemi, R. and Giga, Y. and Ozawa, T. NONLINEAR WAVES Proceedings of the Fourth MSJ International Research Institute Vol II. (March 1996);

Technical Report # 43
Agemi, R. and Giga, Y. and Ozawa, T. NONLINEAR WAVES Proceedings of the Fourth MSJ International Research Institute Vol I. (March 1996);

Preprint Series # 367
Arai, A A class of representations of the *$B!>(Balgebra of the canonical commutation relations over a Hilbert space and instability of embedded eigenvalues in quantum field models. (1996);

Preprint Series # 366
Arai, A and Hirokawa, M On the existence and uniqueness of ground states of a generalized spin$B!>(Bboson model. (1996);

Preprint Series # 365
Tsukada, T Stability of reticular optical caustics. (1996);

Preprint Series # 364
Izumiya, S and Sano, T Generic affine differential geometry of space curves. (1996);

Preprint Series # 363
Mikami, T Equivalent conditions on the centrallimit theorem for a sequence of probability measures on R. (1996);

Preprint Series # 362
Nakamura, I Hilbert schemes and simple singularities E6, E7 and E8. (1996);

Preprint Series # 361
Nakamura, M and Ozawa, T Low energy scattering for nonlinear Schrdinger equations in fractional order Sobolev spaces. (1996);

Preprint Series # 360
Tsuda, I and Yamaguchi, A Singular$B!>(Bcontinuous nowhere$B!>(Bdifferentiable attractors in neural systems. (1996);

Preprint Series # 359
Tsuda, I and Tadaki, K A logic$B!>(Bbased dynamical theory for a genesis of biological threshold. (1996);

Preprint Series # 358
Hayashi, N and Naumkin, P.I and Ozawa, T Scattering theory for the Hartree equation. (1996);

Preprint Series # 357
Izumiya, S Singularities of solutions for first order partial differential equations. (1996);

Preprint Series # 356
Bingham, N. H and Inoue, A The Drasin$B!>(BShea$B!>(BJordan theorem for Hankel transforms of arbitrarily large order. (1996);

Preprint Series # 355
Ishikawa, G Topology of plane trigonometric curves and the strangeness of plane curves derived from real pseudo$B!>(Bline arrangements. (1996);

Preprint Series # 354
Gyoja, A and Yamashita, H Associated variety, Kostant$B!>(BSekiguchi correspondence, and locally free U(n)$B!>(Baction on Harish$B!>(BChandra modules. (1996);

Preprint Series # 353
Chen, Y.$B!>(BG and Giga, Y and Sato, K On instant extinction for very fast diffusion equations. (1996);

Preprint Series # 352
Nishiura, Y and Suzuki, H Nonexistence of stable turing patterns with smooth limiting interfacial configurations in higher dimensional spaces. (1996);

Preprint Series # 351
Nakazi, T and Watatani,, Y Invariant subspace theorems for subdiagonal algebras. (1996);

Preprint Series # 350
Hiroshima, F Weak coupling limit with a removal of an ultraviolet cut$B!>(Boff for a Hamiltonian of particles interacting with a massive scalar field. (1996);

Preprint Series # 349
Agemi, R and Yokoyama, K The null condition and global existence of solutions to systems of wave equations with different speeds. (1996);

Preprint Series # 348
Ito, Y and Nakamura, I Hilbert schemes and simple singularities An and Dn. (1996);

Preprint Series # 347
Nakazi, T and Yamamoto, T Weighted Norm Inequalities For Some Singular Integral Operators. (1996);

Preprint Series # 346
Kubo, H and Kubota, K Asymptotic behaviors of radially symmetric solutions of $B""(Bu = |u|P for super critical values p in even space dimensions. (1996);

Preprint Series # 345
Douai, A and Terao, H The determinant of a hypergeometric period matrix. (1996);

Preprint Series # 344
Giga, M.$B!>(BH and Giga, Y A subdifferential interpretation of crystalline motion under nonuniform driving force. (1996);

Preprint Series # 343
Kawazumi, N and S. Morita, S The primary approximation to the cohomology of the moduli space of curves and cocycles for the stable characteristic classes. (1996);

Preprint Series # 342
Shimizu, Y A remark on estimates of bilinear forms of gradients in Hardy space. (1996);

Preprint Series # 341
Ishikawa, G Topological classification of the tangent developables of space curves. (1996);

Preprint Series # 340
Inoue, A Abel$B!>(BTauber theorems for Fourier$B!>(BStieltjes coefficients. (1996);

Preprint Series # 339
Tominaga, N Analysis of a family of strongly commuting self$B!>(Badjoint operators with applications to perturbed Dirac operators. (1996);

Preprint Series # 338
Hiroshima, F A scaling limit of a Hamiltonian of many nonrelativistic particles interacting with a quantized radiation field. (1996);

Preprint Series # 337
Tsuda, I A new type of self$B!>(Borganization associated with chaotic dynamics in neural networks. (1996);

Preprint Series # 336
Giga, Y and Gurtin, M.E and Matias, J On the dynamics of crystalline motions. (1996);

Preprint Series # 335
Seade, J and Suwa, T Residues and topological invariants of singular holomorphic foliations1. (1996);

Preprint Series # 334
Khanedani, B and Suwa, T First variation of horomorphic forms and some applications. (1996);

Preprint Series # 333
Nakazi, T The spectra of Toeplitz operators with unimodular symbols. (1996);

Preprint Series # 332
Ohnuma, M and Sato, K Singular degenerate parabolic equations with applications to the p$B!>(Blaplace diffusion equation. (1996);

Preprint Series # 331
Giga, M.$B!>(BH and Giga, Y Evolving graphs by singular weighted curvature. (1996);

Preprint Series # 330
Kurokawa, Y Singularities for projections of contour lines of surfaces onto planes. (1996);

Preprint Series # 329
Ogurisu, O Anticommutativity and spin 1/2 Schrdinger operators with magnetic fields. (1996);

Preprint Series # 328
Ozawa, T and Tsutsumi, Y Space$B!>(Btime estimates for null gauge forms and nonlinear Schrdinger equations. (1996);

Preprint Series # 327
Tsutaya, K Local regularity of non$B!>(Bresonant nonlinear wave equations. (1996);


Technical Report # 42
上見, 練太郎 第20回偏微分方程式論 札幌シンポジウム 予稿集. (February 1996);


Technical Report # 46
上見, 練太郎 第21回偏微分方程式論 札幌シンポジウム 予稿集. (September 1996);