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Technical Report # 40
岸本, 晶孝 作用素論・作用素環論 研究集会予稿集. (November 1995);

Technical Report # 39
泉屋, 周一 接触幾何学と関連分野 研究集会報告書. (August 1995);

Technical Report # 38
Saito, M. 1994年度談話会・特別講演 アブストラクト集 Colloquium Lectures 北海道大学理学部数学教室. (July 1995);

Technical Report # 37
Tsuda, I. The Second & Third Sapporo Symposium on Complex Systems Sapporo. (June 1995);

Technical Report # 36
河澄, 響矢 リーマン面に関連する位相幾何学. (June 1995);

Preprint Series # 326
Lehmann, D and Suwa, T Residues of holomorphic vector fields on singular varieties. (1995);

Preprint Series # 325
Sugano, K On strongly separable Frobenius extensions. (1995);

Preprint Series # 324
Arai, A Factorization of self$B!>(Badjoint operators by abstract Dirac operators and its application to second quantizations on Boson Fermion Fock spaces. (1995);

Preprint Series # 323
Kawazmi, N An infinitesimal approach to the stable cohomology of the moduli of Riemann surfaces. (1995);

Preprint Series # 322
Nakazi, T An outer function and several important functions in two variables. (1995);

Preprint Series # 321
Ohnuma, M Axisymmetric solutions and singular parabolic equations in the theory of viscosity solutions. (1995);

Preprint Series # 320
Teruya, T Normal intermediate subfactors. (1995);

Preprint Series # 319
Izumiya, S and Kossioris, G. T Bifurcations of shock waves for viscosity solutions of Hamilton$B!>(BJacobi equations of one space variable. (1995);

Preprint Series # 318
Sun, Wei$B!>(BZhi Shadows of moving surfaces. (1995);

Preprint Series # 317
Giga, M.-H and Giga, Y Consistency in evolutions by crystalline curvature. (1995);

Preprint Series # 316
Shibukawa, Y Vertex$B!>(Bface correspondence in elliptic solutions of the Yang$B!>(BBaxter equation. (1995);

Preprint Series # 315
Arai, A Canonical commutation relations, the Weierstrass Zetafunction, and infinite dimensional Hilbert space representations of the quantum group Uq (sl2). (1995);

Preprint Series # 314
Mikami, T Weak convergence on the first exit time of randomly perturbed dynamical systems with a repulsive equilibrium point. (1995);

Preprint Series # 313
Nakazi, T Slice maps and multipliers of invariant subspaces. (1995);

Preprint Series # 312
Ito, H. M and Mikami, T Poissonian asymptotics of a randomly perturbed dynamical system Flip$B!>(Bflop of the Stochastic Disk Dynamo. (1995);

Preprint Series # 311
Kawazumi, N On the stable cohomology algebra of extended mapping class groups for surfaces. (1995);

Preprint Series # 310
Izumiya, S and Sano, T Generic affine differential geometry of plane curves. (1995);

Preprint Series # 309
Aarai, A and Hirokawa, M On the existence and uniqueness of ground states of the spin$B!>(Bboson Hamiltonian. (1995);

Preprint Series # 308
Arai, A Representation of canonical commutation relations in a gauge theory, the Aharonov$B!>(BBohm effect, and Dirac Weyl operator. (1995);

Preprint Series # 307
Yoshizaki, J On the structure of the singular set of a complex analytic foliation. (1995);

Preprint Series # 306
Honda, T and Suwa, T Residue formulas for singular foliations defined by meromorphic functions on surfaces. (1995);

Preprint Series # 305
Bingham, N.H and Inoue, A Jordan's theorem for fourier and hankel transforms. (1995);

Preprint Series # 304
Ozawa, T On the nonlinear Schrdinger equations of derivative type. (1995);

Preprint Series # 303
Jimbo, S and Zhai, J Ginzburg‐Landau equation with magnetic effect non‐simply‐connected domains. (1995);

Preprint Series # 302
Giga, M.‐H and Giga, Y Geometric evolution by nonsmooth interfacial energy. (1995);

Preprint Series # 301
Zhai, J Harmonic maps and Ginzburg‐Landau type elliptic syste m. (1995);

Preprint Series # 300
Lehmann, D. and Soares, M. and Suwa, T. On the index of a holomorphic vector field tangent to a singular variety. (1995);

Preprint Series # 299
Izumiya, S. and Sun, W-Z. Singularities of solution surfaces for quasilinear 1st order partial differential equations. (1995);

Preprint Series # 298
Higuchi, A. Lattices of closure operators. (1995);

Preprint Series # 297
F., Hiroshima Diamagnetic Inequalities for Systems of Nonrelativistic Particles with a Quantized Field. (1995);

Preprint Series # 296
A., Kishimoto A Rohlin property for one-parameter automorphism groups. (1995);

Preprint Series # 295
S., Izumiya Local classifications of multi-valued solutions of quasilinear first order partial differential equations. (1995);

Preprint Series # 294
S., Izumiya and A., Takiyama A time-like surface in Minkowski 3-space which contains pseudocodes. (1995);

Preprint Series # 293
P., Aviles and Y., Giga The distance function and defect energy. (1995);

Preprint Series # 292
N., Kawazumi A Generalization of the Morita-Mumford Classes to Extended Mapping Class Groups for Surfaces. (1995);

Preprint Series # 291
F., Hiroshima Functional Integral Representation of a Model in QED. (1995);

Preprint Series # 290
Y., Giga Interior derivative blow-up for quasilinear parabolic equations. (1995);

Preprint Series # 289
K., Goto and A., Yamaguchi and I., Tsuda Nine-bit states cellular automata are capable of simulating the pattern dynamics of coupled map lattice. (1995);

Preprint Series # 288
A., Kishimoto The Rohlin property for automorphisms of UHF algebras. (1995);

Preprint Series # 287
T., Nakazi Factorizations of outer functions and extremal problems. (1995);

Preprint Series # 286
A., Arai Strong coupling limit of the zero-energy-state density of the Dirac-Weyl operator with a singular vector potential. (1995);

Preprint Series # 285
K., Hidano and K., Tsutaya Scattering theory for nonlinear wave equations in the invariant Sobolev space. (1995);

Preprint Series # 284
T., Nakazi and M., Yamada Riesz's Functions In Weighted Hardy And Bergman Spaces. (1995);

Preprint Series # 283
K., Iwata and J., Schfer Markov property and cokernels of local operators. (1995);

Preprint Series # 282
T., Mikami Asymptotic behavior of the first exit time of randomly perturbed dynamical systems with a repulsive equilibrium point. (1995);

Preprint Series # 281
A., Arai and N., Tominaga Analysis of a family of strongly commuting self-adjoint operators with applications to perturbed d'Alembertians and the external field problem in quantum field theory. (1995);

Preprint Series # 280
N., Terai and T., Hibi Monomial ideals and minimal non-faces of Cohen-Macaulay complexes. (1995);

Preprint Series # 279
N., Terai and T., Hibi Finite free resolutions and 1-skeletons of simplicial(d - l)-spheres. (1995);

Preprint Series # 278
N., Terai and T., Hibi Computation of Betti numbers of monomial ideals associated with stacked polytopes. (1995);

Preprint Series # 277
N., Terai and T., Hibi Computation of Betti numbers of monomial ideals associated with cyclic polytopes. (1995);

Preprint Series # 276
N., Terai and T., Hibi Stanley-Reisner rings whose Betti numbers are independent of the base field. (1995);

Preprint Series # 275
N., Terai and T., Hibi Alexander duality theorem and second Betti numbers of Stanley-Reisner rings. (1995);


Technical Report # 41
大久保, 和義 and 中路, 貴彦 第4回関数空間セミナー報告集. (February 1995);

Technical Report # 35
宮島, 静雄 and 中路, 貴彦 第3回関数空間セミナー報告集. (February 1995);