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Technical Report # 34
Arai, Asao Infinite Dimensional Analysis on an Exterior Bundle and Supersymmetric Quantum Field Theory. (August 1994);

Technical Report # 33
Okabe, Y. The First Sapporo Symposium on Complex Systems Sapporo. (August 1994);

Technical Report # 32
Ozawa, T. 1993年度談話会・特別講習 アブストラクト集 Colloquium Lectures 北海道大学理学部数学教室. (July 1994);

Technical Report # 30
儀我, 美一 and 陳, 蘊剛 動く曲面を追いかけて. (February 1994);

Preprint Series # 274
H., Kubo On the critical decay and power for semilinear wave equations in odd space dimensions. (1994);

Preprint Series # 273
K., Tsutaya Global existence of small amplitude solutions for the Klein-Gordon-Zakharov equations. (1994);

Preprint Series # 272
S., Izumiya and A., Takiyama A time-like surface in Minkowski 3-space which contains light-like lines. (1994);

Preprint Series # 271
S., Jimbo and Y., Morita and J., Zhai Ginzburg landau equation and stable steady state solutions in a non-trivial domain. (1994);

Preprint Series # 270
A., Arai Gauge theory on a non-simply-connected domain and representations of canonical commutation relations. (1994);

Preprint Series # 269
A., Arai Operator-theoretical analysis of representation of a supersymmetry algebra in Hilbert space. (1994);

Preprint Series # 268
Y., Giga Evolving curves with boundary conditions. (1994);

Preprint Series # 267
T., Mikami A sufficient condition for the uniqueness of solutions to a class of integro-differential equations. (1994);

Preprint Series # 266
T., Ozawa On the resonance equations of long and short waves. (1994);

Preprint Series # 265
N., Hayashi and T., Ozawa Schrdinger Equations with nonlinearity of integral type. (1994);

Preprint Series # 264
J., Wierzbicki On Commutativity of Diagrams of Type II1 Factors. (1994);

Preprint Series # 263
Y., Giga and M.E., Gurtin A comparison theorem for crystalline evolution in the plane. (1994);

Preprint Series # 262
N., Kawazumi Homology of hyperelliptic mapping class groups for surfaces. (1994);

Preprint Series # 261
A., Inoue An Abel-Tauber theorem for Fourier sine transforms. (1994);

Preprint Series # 260
T., Mikami Copula fields and its applications. (1994);

Preprint Series # 259
K., Iwata and J., Schfer Markov property and cokernels of local operators. (1994);

Preprint Series # 258
Y-G., Chen and Y., Giga and T., Hitaka and M., Honma A Stable Difference Scheme for Computing Motion of Level Surfaces by the Mean Curvature. (1994);

Preprint Series # 257
A., Arai Trace Formulas, a Golden-Thompson Inequality and Classicallimit in Boson Fock Space. (1994);

Preprint Series # 256
T., Tsujishita Construction of Universal Modal World based on Hyperset Theory. (1994);

Preprint Series # 255
T., Tsujishita On Triple Mutual Information. (1994);

Preprint Series # 254
T., Suwa Residues of complex analytic foliations relative to singular invariant subvarieties. (1994);

Preprint Series # 253
T., Nishimori Some remarks in a qualitative theory of similarity pseudogroups. (1994);

Preprint Series # 252
T., Mikami Large Deviations and Centrallimit Theorems for Eyraud-Farlie-Gumbel-Morgenstern Processes. (1994);

Preprint Series # 251
H., Kubo and K., Kubota Asymptotic behaviors of radially symmetric solutions of \Box u = |u|P for super critical values p in odd space dimensions. (1994);

Preprint Series # 250
S., Izumiya and G., T. Singularities for viscosity solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equations. (1994);

Preprint Series # 249
A., Inoue Tauberian theorems for Fourier cosine transforms. (1994);

Preprint Series # 248
H., Kikuchi Sheaf cohomology theory for measurable spaces. (1994);

Preprint Series # 247
N., Hayashi and K., Kato and T., Ozawa Dilation Method and smoothing Effect of Solutions to the Benjamin-ono Equation. (1994);

Preprint Series # 246
T., Nakazi and M., Yamada (A_2)-Conditions and Carleson Inequalities. (1994);

Preprint Series # 245
H., Kubo Slowly decaying solutions for semilinear wave equations in odd space dimensions. (1994);

Preprint Series # 244
D., Lehmann and T., Suwa Residues of holomorphic vector fields relative to singular invariant subvarieties. (1994);

Preprint Series # 243
N., Hayashi and K., Kato and T., Ozawa Dilation Method and Smoothing Effect of the Schrdinger Evolution Group. (1994);

Preprint Series # 242
J., Zhai Some Estimates For The Blowing up Solutions of Semilinear Heat Equations. (1994);

Preprint Series # 241
K., Sugano Note on H-separable Frobenius extensions. (1994);

Preprint Series # 240
C., Dohmen Existence of Fast Decaying Solutions to a Haraux-Weissler Equation With a Prescribed Number of Zeroes. (1994);

Preprint Series # 239
Y., Giga and N., Mizoguchi On time periodic solutions of the Dirichlet problem for degenerate parabolic equations of nondivergence type. (1994);

Preprint Series # 238
T., Hibi Buchsbaum complexes with linear resolutions. (1994);

Preprint Series # 237
T., Ozawa Characterization of Trudinger's inequality. (1994);

Preprint Series # 236
T., Mikami Large deviations for the first exit time on small random perturbations of dynamical systems. (1994);

Preprint Series # 235
C., Dohmen A Pohozaev-type inequality for a quasilinear Haraux-Weissler equation. (1994);

Preprint Series # 234
T., Nakazi and M., Yamada Invertible Toeplitz operators and uniform algebras. (1994);

Preprint Series # 233
C., Dohmen and Y., Giga and N., Mizoguchi Existence of selfsimilar shrinking curves for anisotropic curvature flow equations. (1994);

Preprint Series # 232
Y., Giga and N., Mizoguchi Existence of periodically evolving convex curves moved by anisotropic curvature. (1994);

Preprint Series # 231
A., Hoshiga The asymptotic behaviour of radial solutions near the blow-up point to quasi-linear wave equations in two space dimensions. (1994);

Preprint Series # 230
H., Okuda and I., Tsuda A coupled chaotic system with different time scales: Toward the implication of observation with dynamical systems. (1994);

Preprint Series # 229
K., Tsutaya Lower bounds for the life span of solutions of semilinear wave equations with data of non compact support. (1994);

Preprint Series # 228
S., Izumiya Characteristic vector fields for first order partial differential equations. (1994);

Preprint Series # 227
N., Hayashi and T., Ozawa Global, small radially symmetric solutions to nonlinear Schrdinger equations and a gauge transformation. (1994);

Preprint Series # 226
T., Nakazi and K., Takahashi Two dimensional representations of uniform algebras. (1994);

Preprint Series # 225
H., Kubo and K., Kubota Asymptotic behaviors of radial solutions to semilinear wave equations in odd space dimensions. (1994);


Technical Report # 31
久保田, 幸次 第19回偏微分方程式論 札幌シンポジウム 予稿集. (June 1994);


Technical Report # 29
澤島, 侑子 and 中路, 貴彦 第2回関数空間セミナー報告集. (February 1994);