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Technical Report # 28
Hibi, T. 1992年度談話会・特別講習 アブストラクト集 Colloquium Lectures 北海道大学理学部数学教室. (September 1993);

Technical Report # 25
高崎, 金久 非線型可積分系の数理. (February 1993);

Preprint Series # 224
I., Tsuda Can stochastic renewal of maps be a model for cerebral cortex? (1993);

Preprint Series # 223
I., Nakai Notes on versal deformation offirst order PDE and web structure. (1993);

Preprint Series # 222
T., Miyake and Y., Maeda On a property of Fourier coefficients of cusp forms of half-integral weight. (1993);

Preprint Series # 221
S., Jimbo and Y., Morita Ginzburg Landau equation and stable solutions in a rotational domain. (1993);

Preprint Series # 220
W., Bruns and T., Hibi Cohen-Macaulay partially ordered sets with pure resolutions. (1993);

Preprint Series # 219
Y., Giga and K., Yama-uchi On instability of evolving hypersurfaces. (1993);

Preprint Series # 218
S., Izumiya and G., T. Realization theorems of geometric singularities for Hamilton-Jacobi equations. (1993);

Preprint Series # 217
T., Suwa Indices holomorphic vector fields relative to invariant curves. (1993);

Preprint Series # 216
Y., Giga and N., Mizoguchi Existence of periodic solutions for equations of evolving curves. (1993);

Preprint Series # 215
A., Arai Seeding limit of anticommuting self-adjoint operators and nonrelativistic limit of Dirac operators. (1993);

Preprint Series # 214
A., Hoshiga Blow-up of the radial solitions to the equations of vibrating membrane. (1993);

Preprint Series # 213
K., Sugano Note on non-commutative local field. (1993);

Preprint Series # 212
A., Arai On self-adjointness of Dirac operators in Boson-Fermion Fock spaces. (1993);

Preprint Series # 211
S., Izumiya and G.-T., Kossioris Geometric singularities for solutions of single conservation laws. (1993);

Preprint Series # 210
T., Hibi Star-shaped complexes and Ehrhart polynomials. (1993);

Preprint Series # 209
T., Hibi Hochster's formula on Betti numbers and Buchsbaum complexes. (1993);

Preprint Series # 208
S., Izumiya and B., Li Overdetermined systems of first order partial differential equations with singular solution. (1993);

Preprint Series # 207
A., Inoue Regularly varying correlations. (1993);

Preprint Series # 206
T., Hibi Betti number sequences of simplicial complexes, Cohen-Macaulay types and Mbius functions of partially ordered sets, and related topics. (1993);

Preprint Series # 205
N., Honda Vanishing theorem for the tempered distributions. (1993);

Preprint Series # 204
J., Wierzbicki An estimation of the depth from an intermediate subfactor. (1993);

Preprint Series # 203
A., Arai Characterization of anticommutativity of self-adjoint operators in connection with Clifford algebra and applications. (1993);

Preprint Series # 202
K., Iwata On Markov properties of Gaussian generalized random fields. (1993);

Preprint Series # 201
K.-S., Saito and Y., Watatani Subdiagonal algebras for subfactors. (1993);

Preprint Series # 200
S., Izumiya and Y., Kurokawa Holonomic systems of Clairaut type. (1993);

Preprint Series # 199
A., Arai and N., Tominaga Quantization of angle - variables. (1993);

Preprint Series # 198
T., Ozawa Local decay estimates for Schrdinger operators with long range potentials. (1993);

Preprint Series # 197
Y., Giga Motion of a graph by convexified energy. (1993);

Preprint Series # 196
H., Kubo Asymptotic behaviors of solutions to semilinear wave equations with initial data of slow decay. (1993);

Preprint Series # 195
T., Ozawa and Y., Tsutsumi Global existence and asymptotic behavior of solutions for the Zakharov equations in three space dimensions. (1993);

Preprint Series # 194
F., Hiroshima Scaling limit of a model of quantum electrodynamics. (1993);

Preprint Series # 193
H., Kubo Blow-up of solutions to semilinear wave equations with initial data of slow decay in low space dimensions. (1993);

Preprint Series # 192
J., Seade and T., Suwa A residue formula for the index of a holomorphic flow. (1993);

Preprint Series # 191
N., Hayashi and T., Ozawa Finite energy solutions of nonlinear Schrdinger equations of derivative type. (1993);

Preprint Series # 190
S., Izumiya and G.T., Kossioris Semi-local classification of geometric singularities for Hamilton-Jacobi equations. (1993);

Preprint Series # 189
T., Nakazi Multipliers of invariant subspaces in the bidisc. (1993);

Preprint Series # 188
A., Jensen and T., Ozawa Existence and non-existence results for wave operators for perturbations of the laplacian. (1993);

Preprint Series # 187
O., Ogurisu Unitary equivalence between a spin 1/2 charged particle in a two-dimensional magnetic field and a spin 1/2 neutral particle with an anomalous magnetic moment in a two-dimensional electric field,. (1993);

Preprint Series # 186
Y., Kurokawa On functional moduli for first order ordinary differential equations. (1993);

Preprint Series # 185
Y., Giga and K., Yamauchi On a lower bound for the extinction time of surfaces moved by mean curvature. (1993);

Preprint Series # 184
T., Hibi Canonical modules and Cohen-Macaulay types of partially ordered sets. (1993);

Preprint Series # 183
G., Ishikawa and T., Ozawa The genus of a connected compact real algebraic surface in the affine three space. (1993);

Preprint Series # 182
M., Yamada Distance formulas of asymptotic Toeplitz and Hankel operators. (1993);

Preprint Series # 181
K., Sugano Note on H-separable Galois extension. (1993);

Preprint Series # 180
O., Ogurisu Ground state of a spin 1/2 charged particle in an even dimensional magnetic field. (1993);

Preprint Series # 179
Ogurisu, O. Existence and structure of infinitely degenerate zero‐energy ground states of a Wess‐Zumino type model in supersymmetric quantum mechanics. (1993);

Preprint Series # 178
Nakazi, T. Toeplitz operators and weighted norm inequalities. (1993);

Preprint Series # 177
Sugano, Kozo On bicommutators of modules over H‐separable extension rings III. (19 November 1993);


Oono, Koji Toward classification of the singular fibers minimal degenerations of type I surfaces with κ=0. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1993/11/08, 城崎町.

Fukuma, Keimei 偏極多様体の断面種数と不正則数について. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1993/11/08, 城崎町.

Usui, Sanpei Complex structures on partial compactifications of classifying spaces D/Γ of Hodge structures. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1993/11/08, 城崎町.

Gregory, K.Sankaran Recent results on moduli of abelian surfaces. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1993/11/08, 城崎町.

Nakagawa, Yasuhiro 対称トーリックFano多様体上のEinstein-Kahler計量について. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1993/11/08, 城崎町.

Harm, Voskuil p-adic symmetric spaces:The unitary group acting on the projective plane. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1993/11/08, 城崎町.

Kurihara, Akira On p-adic Poincare series and equations defining Shimura curves. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1993/11/08, 城崎町.

Igor, Dolgachev Varietion of geometric invariant theory quotiens. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1993/11/08, 城崎町.

Komori, Yohei Semi-algebraic description of Teichmuller space. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1993/11/08, 城崎町.

Terasoma, Tomohide A trial of an arithmetic construction of rank 2 reflexive sheaves(笹倉氏の仕事の紹介). In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1993/11/08, 城崎町.

Fujiwara, Kazuhiro Rigid geometry and its applications. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1993/11/08, 城崎町.

Kurihara, Masato 谷村・志村予想(Fermat予想)に関するWilesの仕事の概略について. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1993/11/08, 城崎町.

Goto, Ryuji On elliptic fiblations and hyperkahler structures. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1993/11/08, 城崎町.

Nakamura, Iku On Moishezon threefolds homeomorphic to a cubic hypersurface in P^4. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1993/11/08, 城崎町.

Yamada, Yasuhiko The mirror symmetry-a historical introduction. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1993/11/08, 城崎町.


Technical Report # 27
久保田, 幸次 第18回偏微分方程式論 札幌シンポジウム 予稿集. (August 1993);


Technical Report # 26
中路, 貴彦 第1回関数空間セミナー報告集. (March 1993);