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Technical Report # 23
Giga, Y. and Watatani, Y. 1991年度談話会・特別講習 アブストラクト集 Colloquium Lectures 北海道大学理学部数学教室. (June 1992);

Preprint Series # 176
Hoshiga, Akira The initial value problems for quasi‐linear wave equations in two space dimensions with small data. (1992);

Preprint Series # 175
Izumiya, Shyuichi Systems of Clairaut type. (1992);

Preprint Series # 174
Ozawa, Tohru Wave propagation in even dimensional spaces. (1992);

Preprint Series # 173
Suwa, Tatsuo Unfoldings of codimension one complex analytic foliation singularities. (1992);

Preprint Series # 172
Izumiya, Shyuichi A characterization of complete integrability for partial differential equations of first order. (1992);

Preprint Series # 171
Inoue, Junji and Nakazi, Takahiko Finite dimensional solution sets of extremal problems in H1. (1992);

Preprint Series # 170
Fukui, Toshihide and Giga, Yoshikazu Motion of a graph by nonsmooth weighted curvature. (1992);

Preprint Series # 169
Ozawa, Tohru Remarks on quadratic nonlinear Schrodinger equations. (1992);

Preprint Series # 168
Inoue, Akihiko On the equations of stationary precesses with divergent diffusion coefficients. (1992);

Preprint Series # 167
Okabe, Yasunori and Mano, Hajime and Itoh, Yoshiaki Random collision model for interacting populations of two species and its strong law of large numbers. (1992);

Preprint Series # 166
Okabe, Yasunori A new algorithm driven from the view‐point of the fluctuation‐dissipation theorem in the theory of KM2O‐Langevin equations. (1992);

Preprint Series # 165
Wierzbicki, Jerzy and Watatani, Yasuo Commuting squares and relative entropy for two subfactors. (1992);

Preprint Series # 164
Giga, Yoshikazu and Sato, Motohiko Neumann problem for singular degenerate parabolic equations. (1992);

Preprint Series # 163
Albeverio, S. and Iwata, K. and Kolsrud, T. Moments of random fields over a family of elliptic curves, and modular forms. (1992);

Preprint Series # 162
Albeverio, S. and Iwata, K. and Kolsrud, T. Random parallel transport on surfaces of finite type, and relations to homotopy. (1992);

Preprint Series # 161
Arai, Asao Dirac operators in Boson‐Fermion Fock spaces and supersymmetrie quantum field theory. (1992);

Preprint Series # 160
Arai, Asao Properties of the Dirac‐Weyl operator with a strongly singular gauge potential. (1992);

Preprint Series # 159
Hibi, Takayuki Cohen‐Macaulay types of Cohen‐Macaulay complexes. (1992);

Preprint Series # 158
Izumiya, S. and Marar, W.L. The Euler number of a topologically stable singular surface in a 3‐manifold. (1992);

Preprint Series # 157
Arai, Asao Momentum operators with gauge potentials, local quantization of magnetic flux, and representation of canonical commutation relations. (1992);

Preprint Series # 156
Izumiya, S. Perestroikas of optical wave fronts and graphlike Legendrian unfoldings. (1992);

Preprint Series # 155
Ohnuma, Masaki and Sato, Moto-hiko Singular degenerate parabolic equations with applications to geometric evolutions. (1992);

Preprint Series # 154
Ozawa, Tohru On critical cases of Sobolev inequalities. (1992);

Preprint Series # 153
Watatani, Yasuo Lattices of intermediate subfactors. (1992);

Preprint Series # 152
Kubo, Hideo Global existence of solutions of semilinear wave equations with data of non compact support in odd space dimensions. (1992);

Preprint Series # 151
Ishikawa, Goo Developable of a curve and determinancy relative to osculation‐type. (1992);

Preprint Series # 150
Ishikawa, Goo Determinacy of envelope of the osculating hyperplanes to a curve. (1992);

Preprint Series # 149
Giga, Yoshikazu and Takahashi, Shuji On global weak solutions of the nonstationary two‐phase Stokes flow. (1992);

Preprint Series # 148
Okabe, Yasunori Langevin equations and causal analysis. (1992);

Preprint Series # 147
Sato, Moto-Hiko Interface evolution with Neumann boundary condition. (1992);

Preprint Series # 146
Hayashi, Nakao and Ozawa, Tohru Remarks on nonlinear Schrdinger equations in one space dimension. (1992);

Preprint Series # 145
Nakazi, Takahiko and Takahashi, Katsutoshi Hyponormal Toeplitz operators and extremal problems of Hardy spaces. (1992);

Preprint Series # 144
Kubota, K. and Mochizuki, K. On small data scattering for 2‐dimensional semilinear wave equations. (1992);

Preprint Series # 143
Ishikawa, Goo and Ohmoto, Toru Local invariants of singular surfaces in an almost complex four‐manifold. (1992);

Preprint Series # 142
Morimoto, Tohru Geometric structures on filtered manifolds. (1992);

Preprint Series # 141
Takamura, Hiroyuki Weighted deformation theorem for normal currents. (1992);

Preprint Series # 140
Izumiya, Shyuichi What is the Clairaut equation ? (1992);

Preprint Series # 139
Giga, Yoshikazu and Yoshida, Zensho A bound for the pressure integral in a plasma equilibrium. (1992);

Preprint Series # 138
Izumiya, S. and Marar, W.L. The Euler characteristic of the image of a stable mapping from a closed n‐manifold to a (2n ‐ l)‐manifold. (1992);

Preprint Series # 137
Izumiya, S. and Marar, W.L. The Euler characteristic of a generic wave front in a 3‐manifold. (1992);

Preprint Series # 136
Izumiya, Shyuichi Singular solutions of first order differential equations. (1992);

Preprint Series # 135
Izumiya, Shyuichi The Clairaut type equation. (1992);

Preprint Series # 134
Aviles, Ptricio and Giga, Yoshikazu and Komuro, Naoto Duality formulas and variational integrals. (1992);

Preprint Series # 133
Okabe, Yasunori Applications of the theory of KM2O‐Langevin equations to the linear prediction problem for the multi‐dimensional weakly stationary time series. (1992);

Preprint Series # 132
Okabe, Yasunori and Ootsuka, Takashi Applications of the theory of KM2O‐Langevin equations to the non‐linear prediction problem for the one‐dimensional strictly stationary time series. (1992);


Kato, Kazuya p進Hodge理論とゼータの値. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1992/11/10, 城崎町.

V.V., Nikulin On topological classification of real Enriques surfaces. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1992/11/10, 城崎町.

Enoki, Ichiro 直線束に対する強Lefschetz型定理とその応用. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1992/11/10, 城崎町.

Yoshioka, Kota The Betti numbers of the moduli space of stable sheaves of rank 2 on P^2. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1992/11/10, 城崎町.

Ueno, Kenji アーベル的共形場理論について(On abelian conformal field theory). In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1992/11/10, 城崎町.

Saito, Tuyoshi l-進コホモロジーの行列式表現とJacobi和,de Rham判別式. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1992/11/10, 城崎町.

Takeda, Yoshifumi 擬超楕円曲面について(On false hyperelliptic surfaces). In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1992/11/10, 城崎町.

De-Qi, Zhang The fundamental group of the smooth part of a log del Pezzo surfaces. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1992/11/10, 城崎町.

Shioda, Tetsuji Mordell-Weil Lattice for Higher Genus Fibrations. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1992/11/10, 城崎町.

Suwa, Noriyuki Logarithmic Hodge-Witt sheafに対するGersten予想について. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1992/11/10, 城崎町.

Saito, Shuji モチーフとChow群上のFiltration. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1992/11/10, 城崎町.

Terasoma, Tomohide 合流型超幾何関数とWild ramification. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1992/11/10, 城崎町.

Usui, Sanpei A numerical criterion for admissiblity of semisimple elements. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1992/11/10, 城崎町.

Kobayashi, Ryoichi Rigidity Theorems on Spheres and Complex Projective Spaces. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1992/11/10, 城崎町.

Nakayama, Noboru On Elliptic Threefolds. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1992/11/10, 城崎町.


Technical Report # 24
久保田, 幸次 第17回偏微分方程式論 札幌シンポジウム 予稿集. (August 1992);