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Preprint Series # 99
Agemi, R. and Kubota, K. and Takamura, H. On certain integral equations related to nonlinear wave equations. (1991);

Technical Report # 21
Giga, Y. and Watatani, Y. 1990年度談話会アブストラクト集 Colloquium Lectures 北海道大学理学部数学教室. (June 1991);

Preprint Series # 131
Giga, Mariko and Giga, Yoshikazu and Sohr, Hermann L^p estimates for the Stokes system. (1991);

Preprint Series # 130
Altschuler, Steven and Angenent, Sigurd and Giga, Yoshikazu Mean curvature flow through singularities for surfaces of rotation. (1991);

Preprint Series # 129
Kubota, K. Existence of a global solution to a semi‐linear wave equation with initial data of non‐compact support in low space dimensions. (1991);

Preprint Series # 128
Arai, Asao and Mitoma, Itaru Comparison and nuclearity of spaces of differential forms on topological vector spaces. (1991);

Preprint Series # 127
Ishikawa, G. and Izumiya, S. and Watanabe, K. Vector fields near a generic submanifold. (1991);

Preprint Series # 126
Izumiya, Shyuichi Completely integrable holonomic systems of first order differential equations. (1991);

Preprint Series # 125
Hibi, Takayuki Face number inequalities for matroid complexes and Cohen‐Macaulay types of Stanley‐Reisner rings of distributive lattices. (1991);

Preprint Series # 124
Izumiya, Shyuichi Completely integrable holonomic systems of first order differential equations. (1991);

Preprint Series # 123
Arai, Asao Fock‐space representations of the relativistic supersymmetry algebra in the two‐dimensional spacetime. (1991);

Preprint Series # 122
Chen, Yun-Gang Blow‐up solutions to a finite difference analogue of u_1 = Δu + u^{1+α} in N‐dimensional balls. (1991);

Preprint Series # 121
Arai, Asao Commutation properties of the partial isometries associated with anticommuting self‐adjoint operators. (1991);

Preprint Series # 120
Nakazi, Takahiko Invariant subspaces in the bidisc and commutators. (1991);

Preprint Series # 119
Altschuler, Stephen and Angenent, Sigurd and Giga, Yoshikazu Generalized motion by mean curvature for surfaces of rotation. (1991);

Preprint Series # 118
Agemi, Rentaro and Takamura, Hiroyuki The lifespan of classical solutions to nonlinear wave equations in two space dimensions. (1991);

Preprint Series # 117
Hibi, Takayuki A lower bound theorem for Ehrhart polynomials of convex polytopes. (1991);

Preprint Series # 116
Nishimori, Toshiyuki A note on the classification of non‐singular flows with transverse similarity structures. (1991);

Preprint Series # 115
Arai, Asao De Rham operators, Laplacians, and Dirac operators on topological vectorspaces. (1991);

Preprint Series # 114
Nakazi, Takahiko Sum of two inner functions and exposed points in H1. (1991);

Preprint Series # 113
Takahashi, Shuji On a regularity criterion uo to the boundary for weak solutions of the Navier‐Stokes equations. (1991);

Preprint Series # 112
Matsuda, Kouichi An analogy of the theorem of Hector and Duminy. (1991);

Preprint Series # 111
Nishimori, Toshiyuki A qualitative theory of similarity pseudogroups and an analogy of Sacksteder's theorem. (1991);

Preprint Series # 110
Hibi, Takayuki and Wakayama, Masato A q‐analogue of Capelli's identity for GL(2). (1991);

Preprint Series # 109
Chen, Yung-Gang and Giga, Yoshikazu and Goto, Shun'ichi Analysis toward snow crystal growth. (1991);

Preprint Series # 108
Arai, Asao An abstract sum formula and its applications to special functions. (1991);

Preprint Series # 107
Nakazi, Takahiko p‐dilations and hypo‐Dirichlet algebras. (1991);

Preprint Series # 106
Nakazi, Takahiko Extremal problems in HP. (1991);

Preprint Series # 105
Agemi, Rentaro Blow‐up of solutions to nonlinear wave equations in two space dimensions. (1991);

Preprint Series # 104
Takamura, Hiroyuki Global existence of classical solutions to nonlinear wave equations with spherical symmetry for small data with noncompact support in three space dimensions. (1991);

Preprint Series # 103
Arai, Asao and Ogurisu, Osamu Meromorphic N = 2 Wess‐Zumino supersymmetric quantum mechanics. (1991);

Preprint Series # 102
Munemasa, Akihiro and Watatani, Yasuo Orthogonal pairs of ‐subalgebras and association schemes. (1991);

Preprint Series # 101
Izumiya, S. Legendrian singularities and first order differential equations. (1991);

Preprint Series # 100
Izumiya, S. Geometric singularities for Hamilton‐Jacobi equation. (1991);


Usa, Takeshi 射影多様体の射影空間への埋め込みの構造について. In: 代数幾何シンポジューム, 1991/11/5, 兵庫県立城崎大会議館.

Saito, Takeshi Chern類のあるrefinementとそのL関数への応用. In: 代数幾何シンポジューム, 1991/11/5, 兵庫県立城崎大会議館.

Noguti, Jyunjiro 双曲的多様体と幾何学的ディオファントス問題. In: 代数幾何シンポジューム, 1991/11/5, 兵庫県立城崎大会議館.

Satake, Ikuo Flat coordinates for simple elliptic singularity and Jacobi form. In: 代数幾何シンポジューム, 1991/11/5, 兵庫県立城崎大会議館.

Nagata, Masanobu 城崎温泉シンポジウムの記録. In: 代数幾何シンポジューム, 1991/11/5, 兵庫県立城崎大会議館.


Sumihiro, Hideyasu On the geometry of determinantal varieties associated to 2-bundles on P^n. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 2003/11/05, 兵庫県立城崎大会議館.

Shimizu, Yuji D-modules on the moduli spaces of curves associated with abelian CFT. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1991/11/5, 兵庫県立城崎大会議館.

Kobayashi, Masanori Calabi-Yau 3-fold with a pencil of K3-surfaces. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1991/11/5, 兵庫県立城崎大会議館.

Saito, Masahiko Classification of non-rigid fimilies of abelian varieties. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1991/11/5, 兵庫県立城崎大会議館.

Ohno, Kouji 一般型代数曲面のpencilを持つ3-foldについて. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1991/11/5, 兵庫県立城崎大会議館.

Namikawa, Yukihiko 非アーベル的共形場に伴う代数幾何. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1991/11/5, 兵庫県立城崎大会議館.

Itoh, Takayuki On the Mordell-Weil groups of quasi-elliptic surfaces. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1991/11/5, 兵庫県立城崎大会議館.

Maeda, Hidetoshi Adjiont bundles of ample and spanned vector bundles on algebraic surfaces. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1991/11/5, 兵庫県立城崎大会議館.

Ishida, Masanori カスプ特異点の双対性. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1991/11/5, 兵庫県立城崎大会議館.

Moriwaki, Atsushi Frobenius pull-back of a semisimple vector bundle of rank 2 and its applications. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1991/11/5, 兵庫県立城崎大会議館.

Mukai, Shigeru 曲線とgrassman多様体. In: 代数幾何学シンポジューム, 1991/11/5], 兵庫県立城崎大会議館.


Technical Report # 20
上見, 練太郎 第15回偏微分方程式論 札幌シンポジウム 予稿集. (February 1991);


Technical Report # 22
上見, 練太郎 第16回偏微分方程式論 札幌シンポジウム 予稿集. (August 1991);