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Preprint Series # 98
Lawrynowicz, Julian and Koshi, Shozo and Suzuki, Osamu Dualities generated by the generalised Hurwitz problem and variation of the Yang‐Mills field. (1990);

Preprint Series # 97
Okabe, Yasunori and Inoue, Akihiko The theory of KN2O‐Langevin equations and its applications to data analysis (II): Causal analysis (1),. (1990);

Preprint Series # 96
Ninomiya, Syoiti The Fourier‐Sato transformation of pure sheaves. (1990);

Preprint Series # 95
Sano, Takashi and Watatani, Yasuo Angles between two sub factors. (1990);

Preprint Series # 94
Okabe, Yasunori and Inoue, Akihiko On the exponential decay of the correlation functions for KMO‐Langevin equations. (1990);

Preprint Series # 93
Arai, Asao A theorem on essential self‐adjointness with application to Hamiltonians in non‐relativistic quan‐tum field theory. (1990);

Preprint Series # 92
Nakazi, Takahiko and Takahashi, Katsutoshi Homogeneous polynomials and invariant subspaces in the polydiscs II. (1990);

Preprint Series # 91
Nakazi, Takahiko Homogeneous polynomials and invariant subspaces in the polydiscs. (1990);

Preprint Series # 90
Sugano, Kozo On bicommutators of modules over H‐separable extension rings II. (1990);

Preprint Series # 89
Arai, Asao Improper Bogoliubov transformations and instability of embedded eigenvalues. (1990);

Preprint Series # 88
Giga, Yoshikazu and Goto, Shun'ichi and Ishii, Hitoshi and Sato, Moto-hiko Comparison principle and convexity preserving properties for singular degenerate parabolic equations on unbounded domains. (1990);

Preprint Series # 87
Inoue, Akihiko The Alder‐Wainwright effect for stationary processes with reflection positivity (II). (1990);

Preprint Series # 86
Arai, Asao Diffusive behavior of an electron interacting with a quantized radiation field. (1990);

Preprint Series # 85
Morimoto, Tohru Theoreme de Cartan‐Kahler dans une classe de fonctions formelles Gevrey. (1990);

Preprint Series # 84
Morimoto, Tohru Generalized Spencer cohomology groups and quasi‐regular bases. (1990);

Preprint Series # 83
Nakazi, Takahiko and Yamamoto, Takanori Weighted norm inequalities and uniform algebras. (1990);

Preprint Series # 82
Nakazi, Takahiko Absolute values of Toeplitz operators and Hankel operators. (1990);

Preprint Series # 81
Hayakawa, A. and Ishikawa, G. and Izumiya, S. and Yamaguchi, K. Classification of generic integral diagrams and first order ordinary differential equations. (1990);

Preprint Series # 80
Miyake, Toshitsune and Maeda, Yoshitaka On elliptic cyclopean forms. (1990);

Preprint Series # 79
Ishikawa, Goo Maslov class of an isotropic map‐germ arising from one dimensional symplectic reduction. (1990);

Preprint Series # 78
Ishikawa, Goo Topologically extremal real algebraic surfaces in P2×P1 and P1×P1×P1. (1990);

Preprint Series # 77
Takahashi, Shuji On interior regularity criteria for weak solutions of the Navier‐Stokes equations. (1990);

Preprint Series # 76
Arai, Asao De Rham‐Hodge‐Kodaira decomposition in ∞‐dimensions. (1990);

Preprint Series # 75
Kishimoto, Akitaka Actions of finite groups on certain inductive limit C*‐algebras. (1990);

Preprint Series # 74
Kishimoto, Akitaka A weak approximate innerness for abelian actions on C*‐algebras. (1990);

Preprint Series # 73
Sugano, Kozo On bicommutators of modules over H‐separable extension rings. (1990);

Preprint Series # 72
Arai, Asao An asymptotic analysis and its application to the nonrelativistic limit of the Pauli‐Fierz and a spin‐bosonmodel. (1990);

Preprint Series # 71
Kiyohara, Kazuyoshi Compact Liouville surfaces. (1990);

Preprint Series # 70
Giga, Yoshikazu and Goto, Shun'ichi Motion of hypersurfaces and geometric equations. (1990);

Preprint Series # 69
Aviles, Patricio and Giga, Yoshikazu Variational integrals on mappings of bounded variation and their lower semicontinuity. (1990);

Preprint Series # 68
Nakazi, Takahiko Szeg's theorem on a bidisc. (1990);

Preprint Series # 67
Cerveau, Dominique and Suwa, Tatsuo Determinacy of complex analytic foliation germs without integrating factors. (1990);

Preprint Series # 66
Inoue, Akihiko The Alder‐Wainwright effect for stationary processes with reflection positivity (I). (1990);

Technical Report # 19
鈴木, 治夫 複素多様体のトポロジー Topology of Complex Manifolds. (December 1990);

Technical Report # 18
Arai, A. 1989年度談話会アブストラクト集 Colloquium Lectures 北海道大学理学部数学教室. (June 1990);

Technical Report # 17
Konno, K. and Saito, M.-H. and Usui, S. Proceedings of the Meeting and the workshop "Algebraic Geometru and Hodge Theory" Vol.II. (May 1990);

Technical Report # 16
Konno, K. and Saito, M.-H. and Usui, S. Proceedings of the Meeting and the workshop "Algebraic Geometry and Hodge Theory"vol.I. (May 1990);


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