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Preprint Series # 65
Chen, Yung-Gang Blow‐up solutions of a semilinear parabolic equation with the Neumann and Robin boundary conditions. (1989);

Preprint Series # 64
Saito, Masa-Hiko and Zucker, S. Classification of non‐rigid families of K3 surfaces and a finiteness theorem of Arakelov type. (1989);

Preprint Series # 63
Agemi, Rentaro Global existence of classical solutions to nonlinear wave equations in n space dimension. (1989);

Preprint Series # 62
Arai, Asao Exactly solvable supersymmetric quantum mechanics. (1989);

Preprint Series # 61
Arai, Asao general class of infinite dimensional Dirac operators and path integral representation of their index. (1989);

Preprint Series # 60
Giga, Yoshikazu and Sohr, Hermann Abstract LP estimates for the Cauchy problem with applications to the Navier‐Stokes equations in exterior domains. (1989);

Preprint Series # 59
Arai, Asao A general class of (essentially) iso‐spectral perturbations. (1989);

Preprint Series # 58
Nakazi, Takahiko Existence of solutions of extremal problems in H1. (1989);

Preprint Series # 57
Chen, Yung-Gang and Giga, Yoshikazu and Goto, Shun'ichi Uniqueness and existence of viscosity solutions of generalized mean curvature flow equations. (1989);

Preprint Series # 56
Sannami, A. An example of a regular Cantor set whose difference set is a Cantor set with positive measure. (1989);

Preprint Series # 55
Arai, Asao A general class of (essentially) iso‐spectral perturbations. (1989);

Preprint Series # 54
Cielak, Waldemar and Koshi, Shozo and Zajac, Jozef On integral formulas for convex domains. (1989);

Preprint Series # 53
Nakazi, Takahiko Norms of Hankel operators on a bidisc. (1989);

Preprint Series # 52
Aviles, Patricio and Giga, Yoshikazu Variational integrals on mappings of bounded variation. (1989);

Preprint Series # 51
Okabe, Yasunori and Nakano, Yuji On the theory of KM2O‐Langevin equations with application to data analysis(I). (1989);

Preprint Series # 50
Arai, Asao On the degeneracy in the ground state of the N = 2 Wess‐Zumino supersymmetric quantum mechanics. (1989);

Preprint Series # 49
Hirokawa, Masao Mori's Langevin equation for a quantum harmonic oscillator coupled to infinitely many scalar Bosons. (1989);

Preprint Series # 48
Yoshida, Zensho and Giga, Yoshikazu Remarks on spectra of operator rot. (1989);

Technical Report # 14
Zajac, Jozwf Boundary values of quasiconformal mappings. (July 1989);

Technical Report # 13
鈴木, 通夫 駆け足で有限群を見てみよう. (June 1989);

Technical Report # 12
Ishikawa, G. and Izumiya, S. and Suwa, T. 「特異点論とその応用」研究集会報告集. (May 1989);

Technical Report # 11
Kamishima, Y. 1988年度談話会アブストラクト集 Colloquim Lectures 北海道大学理学部数学教室. (May 1989);


Miles, Ried Surfaces with p_g=3,K^2=4 according to E.Horikawa and D.Dicks. In: 代数幾何学ミニシンポジューム, 1989/12/21, 東京大学理学部.

Tsuji, Hajime Abundance予想への複素解析的アプローチ. In: 代数幾何学ミニシンポジューム, 1989/12/21, 東京大学理学部.

Fujimoto, Keinan log変換に付随した幾何的現象. In: 代数幾何学ミニシンポジューム, 1989/12/21, 東京大学理学部.

Oguiso, Keiji Height pairingの応用. In: 代数幾何学ミニシンポジューム, 1989/12/21, 東京大学理学部.

Fujiwara, Kazuhiro Semi-stable degeneration of abelian schemes and the arithmetic compactification of locally symmetric varieties. In: 代数幾何学ミニシンポジューム, 1989/12/21, 東京大学理学部.

Mukai, Shigeru K3曲面のモジュライ空間について. In: 代数幾何学ミニシンポジューム, 1989/12/21, 東京大学理学部.

G.van der, Geer Moduli of jacobians with non-trivial endomorphisms. In: 代数幾何学ミニシンポジューム, 1989/12/21, 東京大学理学部.

Zhang, De-Qi Noether's inequality for non-complete algebraic surfaces of general type,the part 2. In: 代数幾何学ミニシンポジューム, 1989/12/21, 東京大学理学部.

Takeda, Yoshifumi A^2のArtin-Schreier被覆. In: 代数幾何学ミニシンポジューム, 1989/12/21, 東京大学理学部.

Fujita, Takao On adjoint bundles of ample vector bundles. In: 代数幾何学ミニシンポジューム, 1989/12/21, 東京大学理学部.


Technical Report # 15
上見, 錬太郎 第14回偏微分方程式論 札幌シンポジウム 予稿集. (1989);