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Technical Report # 6
Yoshida, T. 1987年度談話会アブストラクト集 北海道大学理学部数学教室. (April 1988);

Technical Report # 5
儀我, 美一 数理解析セミナー・アブストラクト集(1987). (May 1988);

Preprint Series # 47
Giga, Yoshikazu and Yoshida, Zensho A dinamic free‐boundary problem in plasma physics. (1988);

Preprint Series # 46
Giga, Yoshikazu and Kohn, Robert V. Nondegeneracy of blowup for semilinear heat equations. (1988);

Preprint Series # 45
Nakazi, Takahiko Bounded Hankel forms with weighted norms and lifting theorems. (1988);

Preprint Series # 44
Arai, Asao Existence of infinitely many zero‐energy states in a model of supersymmetric quantum mechanics. (1988);

Preprint Series # 43
Arai, Asao Long‐time behavior of two‐point functions of a quantum harmonic oscillator interacting with bosons. (1988);

Preprint Series # 42
Arai, Asao A criterion for the boundedness from below with a class of symmetric operators and its applications. (1988);

Preprint Series # 41
Sugano, Kozo On H‐separable extensions of primitive rings II. (1988);

Preprint Series # 40
Izumiya, S. First order partial differential equations and singularities. (1988);

Preprint Series # 39
Izumiya, S. Topological properties of legendrian singularities. (1988);

Preprint Series # 38
Nakazi, Takahiko Certain invariant subspaces of H2 and L2 on a bidisc. (1988);

Preprint Series # 37
Nakazi, Takahiko Commuting dilations and uniform algebras. (1988);

Preprint Series # 36
Suwa, Tatsuo D‐modules associated to complex analytic singular foliations. (1988);

Preprint Series # 35
Morimoto, Tohru Un critre pour l'existence d'une connexion de Cartan. (1988);

Preprint Series # 34
Morimoto, Tohru Structures gomtriques sur des varits filtres. (1988);

Preprint Series # 33
Suwa, Tatsuo Structure of the singular of a complex analytic foliation. (1988);

Preprint Series # 32
Giga, Y. and Miyakawa, T. Navier‐Stokes flow in R3 with measures as initial vorticity and Morrey spaces. (1988);

Preprint Series # 31
Nakazi, Takahiko and Yamamoto, Takanori Some Singular Integral Operators And Helson‐Szeg Measures. (1988);

Preprint Series # 30
Kishi, Kazuo and Nakazi, Takahiko Some Typical Ideal In a Uniform Algebra. (1988);

Preprint Series # 29
Giga, Y. and Sohr, H. On the Stokes operator in exterior domains. (1988);

Preprint Series # 28
Giga, Yoshikazu A local characterization of blowup points of semilinear heat equations. (1988);

Preprint Series # 27
Sugano, Kozo Note on separable extensions of noncomutative rings. (1988);

Preprint Series # 26
Arai, Asao Supersymmetric embedding of the Hamiltonian for the RWA osci1lator. (1988);

Preprint Series # 25
Matsuoka, Sachiko An algebraic criterion for right‐left equivalence of holomorphic functions on analytic varieties. (1988);

Preprint Series # 24
Matsuoka, Sachiko Nonsingular Algebraic Curves in RP1×RP1. (1988);

Preprint Series # 23
Nakazi, Takahiko Complete Spectral Area Estimates and Selfcommutators. (1988);

Preprint Series # 22
Nakazi, Takahiko A Lifting Theorem And Analytic Operator Algebras. (1988);

Preprint Series # 21
Arai, Asao Perturbation of Embedded Eigenvalues in Fock Spaces A General Class of Exactly Soluble Models. (1988);

Preprint Series # 20
Aviles, Patricio and Giga, Yoshikazu Singularities and rank one properties of Hessian measures. (1988);

Preprint Series # 19
Sannami, Atsuro A topological classification of the periodic orbits of the Henon family. (1988);

Preprint Series # 18
Okabe, Yasunori On the theory of discrete KMO‐Lanegvin equation with reflection positivity (III). (1988);

Technical Report # 10
中村, 郁 "Superstring理論とK3曲面"シンポジウム 報告集. (October 1988);


Technical Report # 9
岡部, 靖憲 ランジュヴァン方程式とその応用 予稿集. (August 1988);


Technical Report # 8
久保田, 幸次 第13回偏微分方程式論 札幌シンポジウム 予稿集. (August 1988);


Technical Report # 7
Izumiya, Shyuichi and Ishikawa, Goo 「特異点と微分幾何」研究集会報告集. (May 1988);