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Preprint Series # 9
Nakazi, Takahiko Weighted norm inequalities and uniform algebras. (1987);

Preprint Series # 8
Suwa, Tatsuo A factorization theorem for unfoldings of analytic functions. (1987);

Preprint Series # 7
Hida, Haruzo A p‐adic measure attached to the zeta functions associated with two elliptic modular forms II. (1987);

Preprint Series # 6
Nakazi, Takahiko A Spectral Dilation of Some Non‐Dirichlet Algebra. (1987);

Preprint Series # 5
Nakazi, Takahiko Notes on Interpolation by Bounded Analytic Functions. (1987);

Preprint Series # 4
Nakamura, Iku Threefolds Homeomorphic to a Hyperquadric in P4. (1987);

Technical Report # 4
Tilouine, J. Kummer's criterion over $\Lambda$ and Hida's Congruence Module. (August 1987);

Preprint Series # 3
Arai, A. Path Integral Representation of the Index of Kahler-Dirac Operators on an Infinite Dimensional Manifold. (1987);

Preprint Series # 2
Giga, Y. and Kanbe, T. Large time behavior of the vorticity of two‐dimensional flow and its application to vortex formation. (1987);

Technical Report # 2
Heitsch, James-L. The Lefschetz Theorem for Foliated Manifolds. (June 1987);

Preprint Series # 17
Miyake, Toshitsune On Qab‐rationality of Eisenstein series of weight 3/2. (1987);

Preprint Series # 16
Arai, Asao Spectral Analysis of a Quantum Harmonic Oscillator Coupled to Infinitely Many Scalar Bosons. (1987);

Preprint Series # 15
Okabe, Yasunori On the theory of discrete KMO‐Langevin equations with reflection positivity (II). (1987);

Preprint Series # 14
Ishikawa, Goo Parametrization of a Singular Lagrangian Variety. (1987);

Preprint Series # 13
Okabe, Yasunori On a stochastic difference equation for the multidimensional weakly stationary process with discrete time. (1987);

Preprint Series # 12
Kubota, K. Microlocal parametrices and propagation of singularities near gliding points for hyperbolic mixed problems II. (1987);

Preprint Series # 11
Nitta, Kazuo Note on the double centralizers in an H‐separable extension. (1987);

Preprint Series # 10
Miyake, Toshitsune On the spaces of Eisenstein series of Hilbert modular groups. (1987);

Preprint Series # 1
Okabe, Y. On the theory of discrete KMO‐Langevin equations with reflection positivity (I). (1987);

Technical Report # 1
Morimoto, Tohru Equivalence Problems of the Geometric Structures admitting Differential Filtrations. (June 1987);


Technical Report # 3
久保田, 幸次 第12回偏微分方程式論 札幌シンポジウム予稿集. (July 1987);