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Lightcone dualities for curves in the 3-sphere

Preprint Series # 1007
Izumiya, Shyuichi and Jiang, Yang and Sato, Takami Lightcone dualities for curves in the 3-sphere. (20 April 2012); (Submitted)

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In this paper we consider the curves in the unit $3$-sphere. The unit $3$-sphere can be canonically embedded in the lightcone and de Sitter $4$-space in Loretnz-Minkowski $5$-space. We investigate these curves in the framework of the theory of Legendrian dualities between pseudo-spheres in Lorentz-Minkowski $5$-space.

Item Type:Preprint
Uncontrolled Keywords:Lorentz-Minkowski $5$-space, Lightcone dulaity, The 3-sphere, Singularity
ID Code:2194