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Projections of timelike surfaces in the de Sitter space

Preprint Series # 930
Izumiya, Shyuichi and Tari , Farid Projections of timelike surfaces in the de Sitter space. (01 December 2008);

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We study in this paper projections of embedded timelike hypersurfaces $M$ in$S^n_1$ along geodesics. We deal in more details with the case of surfaces in $S^3_1$, characterise geometrically the singularities of the projections and prove duality results analogous to those of Shcherbak for central projections of surfaces in $¥mathbb{R}P^3$.

Item Type:Preprint
Uncontrolled Keywords: Asymptotic directions, Gauss map, hyperbolic space, Legendrian duality, lightcone, principal directions, projections, singularities, de Sitter space, timelike surfaces.
ID Code:1944