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Spacelike Parallels and Evolutes in Minkowski pseudo-spheres

Preprint Series # 767
Izumiya, Shyuichi and Takahashi, Masatomo Spacelike Parallels and Evolutes in Minkowski pseudo-spheres. (2006);

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We consider extrinsic differential geometry on spacelike hypersurfaces in Minkowski pseudo-spheres (hyperbolic space, de Sitter space and the lightcone). In the previous paper we have shown a basic Legendrian duality theorem between pseudo-spheres. We define the spacelike parallels by using the basic Legendrian duality theorem. This definition unifies the notions of parallels of spacelike hypersurfaces in pseudo-spheres. We also define the evolute as the locus of singularities of the spacelike parallels. These notions are investigated as applications of Lagrangian or Legendrian singularity theory. We consider geometric properties of non-singular spacelike hypersurfaces corresponding to singularities of spacelike parallels or evolutes.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:spacelike parallels, evolutes, caustics, Lagrangian singularities, Legendrian singularities
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